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Dr. Alexander Bailey PhD, LMT, CPT-CES-FNS

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Chicago Align Therapeutics will be operating solely mobile.

Our website is in the process of updating in the next few weeks in respect to Covid-19.

If you are part of the VIP membership you will receive dates of when we are in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. 

We are currently not accepting any new patients or clients. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Dr. Alex

CE workshops for Massage Therapists

We now have a dedicated website for your education needs!

2020 is license renewal year! We are offering some exciting and new workshops to get your continuing education hours in! Click here for more information.

Business workshops: health at work

Monthly Memberships

Regular soft tissue work has been shown to relieve tension headaches, prevent issues, increase range of motion, enhance athletic performance, promote better sleep, and much more. Becoming a Monthly Member allows you to reap the benefits of regular self care in an affordable way!

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Sports Performance

Suspension Training

TRX training is great for a variety of posture issues as well as sports performance. Here in this video we have a marathoner working on glute and ankle stability to help prevent injuries specifically plantar faciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Upon complaint of Achilles and plantar pain a simple muscle and posture assessment was given to show she indeed has weakness in her glutes and ankles. A simple fix to improve her running and keep her healthy.

In The heart of River North, Chicago

Chicago Align Therapeutics is a private studio for orthopedic and sports manual therapist and rehab exercise specialist Dr. Alexander Bailey. We specialize in posture, pain, and dysfunction.  Our clients and patients range from athletes to weekend warriors, and everyone else in between. Whether you are prepping for an event, wanting to prevent injuries or in pain from sitting at a desk all day, we can help!


- Advanced Clinical Massage


      Therapeutic Deep Tissue

      Condition Specific


- Corrective Exercise

- Nutrition support for MSK ailments

-Sports Performance

-Postpartum rehabilitation


- Adjunct Therapies

    Kinesiology Taping

    Vibration Plate Therapy

    E- Stim

    Instrument assisted mobilization

​    Fascia Cupping

- Scar Therapy

- Visceral Manipulation


- Workshops

" Dr. Alex is truly skilled in diagnosing and treating soft tissue issues. As a long-time athlete and and someone who is diligent in the maintenance of my body,  Dr. Alex's treatments and diagnosis are now an essential part of my health routine. Its not fun, its not easy, but its definitely worth it. He will help you treat what is wrong with your body." -Matt Taylor


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