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Injury prevention, athletic performance , pain management

What is corrective exercise (CEx) training?

CEx is one on one training with the objective of correcting muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances are primarily derived from postural distortions and repetitive motion injuries. One can also form muscle imbalances from previous surgeries where the body was not rehabilitated properly, or at all. Muscle imbalances can cause a host of problems including but not limited to : low back pain, shoulder, and knee pain leading to uneven wear and tear, disc herniations; eventually this may lead to surgery . The primary goal of corrective exercise is to lengthen tight, shortened tissues, and to strengthen weak and inhibited tissues. Chicago Align Therapeutics uses National Academy of Sports Medicines optimal performance model for CEx. The OPT model includes a 4 step process to restore the bodies tissues: Lengthen, inhibit, activate, integrate. The 4 step process creates a truly integrated program by first lengthening the tight tissues via self myofascial release (foam rollers, tennis balls), inhibiting tight muscles by stretching, and activating weak muscles with strength training and dynamic movements.

What does the assessment entail?

The purpose of the assessment is to gather information to best design a CEx plan completely tailored to you and your goals. This includes discussion of your goals and any concerns within your body, a visual assessment, a physical assessment, as well as health questionnaires and forms to obtain accurate medical history. A visual assessment is a postural assessment to see if there are any imbalances that can be seen by the naked eye. Examples would include: slouched shoulders, one hip higher than the other etc. During the physical assessment the client is taken through a series of basic movements which can be done with or without equipment. Examples are: squats, rows, push ups, balance. Gait analysis can be included as well. During these  I will look to see if there are any compensatory or faulty patterns while executing these movements. Generally speaking when a client has a muscle imbalance it will show during movement: which muscles are compensating due to weakness and which are tight etc. Range of motion assessments, measurements as well as pictures for postural assessing may be included depending on client. I gather all of my findings and create a proposed custom treatment plan. An outline of this as well as a quote is sent to you and we take it from there. 

Initial assessment: $65
Mid treatment re assessment: $35

Updated CEX plan - $30 per
Individual in office CEx sessions: $55 per hour

Pkg of 12 sessions: $540 (savings of $120 if purchased separately)

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