A woman goes through various physical changes throughout the body both during after pregnancy. It's important for overall health and wellbeing to correct muscle imbalances from getting worse.


Some common issues women have postpartum are:

  • Neck/back/shoulder strain from breast feeding

  • Hip/pelvic floor issues

  • Diastasis recti

  • Scar tissue and visceral adhesions from Cesarean section

  • Overall body weaknesses as child continues to get older from daily activities : transporting car seats, lifting child out of crib, carrying child, etc. 

Dr. Alexander Bailey has created a specific Comprehensive Postpartum Rehabilitation Program combining visceral manipulation, pilates and therapeutic exercises, along with kinesiology taping to help correct these common muscle imbalances to prevent further injury and pain. 

6 week Postpartum Rehabilitation Program : $600.00

12 week Postpartum Rehabilitation Program: $1200.00

Payment plans available please contact for more information. 

Program includes weekly in office 60 minute appointments combining visceral manipulation, corrective exercises, kinesiology taping, and custom home prescription exercise program. 

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